I'm Already Gone - Find Me Out - What Do You Think They'll Say About Me

3 singles released in 2015 via Pirates Blend / Sony Canada.




Floating Ships

Track #7 off Les Gordon's debut record. Arista Records. 



"Baby, I Don't Mean To Ignore," "Stranger" and "If I Could Be Your Girl." Self-released 2016-2017.


Just Cut It Out

Single released on Turkish imprint, DRUGBLVD. Compilation record features Leo Kalyan, FMLYBND and DAUNT among others.

The label's founder Kubilay Yigit, 25, launched the project as a way to connect with artists across the world. Living in Istanbul, he has suffered through not only the chaos engulfing his home country, which has seen the neighboring conflict in Syria spill over with increased terrorism, but also with electricity cuts, internet halts, and censorship.

January 2017